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Colorbond Steel

Colorbond Stepped Fence

What is Colorbond® Steel Fencing?

Colorbond® Steel Fencing is one of the most popular, attractive and weather resistant styles of fences that we offer. Colorbond® comes in an array of different hues and shades to compliment your home or business.

Colorbond® style fences are fences constructed completely from steel. Sydney Timber Fencing has a wide range of steel fencing styles available from various manufacturers including fences made from genuine Bluescope Colorbond steel and other similar brands. Colorbond style fences from various manufactures do have different profiles so if you would like to match an existing fence it is important to make sure your written quote is for the particular brand of steel fencing you are after. The estimator who carries out your site inspection can give you full details of the various brands and types of Colorbond style fences available including exact details of the steel used, so please just ask.

Colorbond style fencing is made using a strong steel base which is first coated with a layer of galvanized or zinc/aluminium coating designed to protect the steel from corrosion for many years. Several layers of undercoat and a painted finish are then baked on to provide a long lasting paint finish. There is a wide variety of colours to suit almost any home. Each panel is usually 2.4 metres long and consists of 2 “c” channel posts fixed back to back. These are connected by 2 steel rails into which 3 shaped sheets are fitted. The panels are most commonly 1.8 metres high but are also available in 1.5 metre, 2.1 metre and 2.4 metre high panels.

Colorbond style fencing is a strong, long lasting fence that provides good privacy and security. Matching gates are available for both pedestrian access and car driveways.